Electric motorbike : The motorbike’s future ?

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The model: Zero Motorbike DS, is a motorbike 100% electric.

This model is able to travel 115 kilometers, essentially in Sport mode, it’s not much but reasonable.

Within a context of normal use (50km to 60 km) this will not be a trouble. On the other hand, the charge time of the battery rest a problem. In fact, it is very long : about 8.6 hours in order to reach 100% of the capacity.

The electric motorbike will have to improve in this area if they want to compete with the others classic motorbikes on a long road.

In conclusion, Zero Motorbike DS is very succeed in term of manufacturing, general performances etc.

These default reals are limited by a seat too solid and a price very expensive! about 16 000€ !

And you, in future, do you think that an electric motorbike will be a great success or not ? Maybe you prefer a motorbike using petrol as energy ?

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MTT Y2k : A motorbike high power !

The MTT Y2K Turbine Motorbike, also known as the Y2K Turbine Superbike, is not a motorbike like others. It is equipped of a gas turbine producing 320 CV (240kW) at 52 000pm ! This turbine is a helicopter turbine. It’s amazing !

Here is a video which illustrates the noisy of the turbine :

In 2015, MTT released two models. The first model is equipped with a turbine engine of 420 CV and the second model is equipped with the 420-RR (Race Ready).  The motorbike 420-RR is the most extreme motorbike that MTT has never produced.

I think, I would not be able to test with motorbike. With this power, it is necessary to have much experience in this area in order to drive this vehicle.

The price is …. 175 000$ ! If you prefer to buy this motorbike that a house, it’s your choose !

Here is a picture which presents the appliance of this motorbike:

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The different brands of motorbike : Which choose ?

In the motorbike world, there are 6 big brands: Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, BMW and Ducati.

Each of these brands has an advantage that I’m going to present you :

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Suzuki is known for its sportive motorbike with GSRX category.

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The attractive feature of Kawasaki is which proposes a range of roadster motorbike very varied.

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The engine of motorbike Honda is the most robust of the market.

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BMW is a specialist concerning the driving roadster.

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Ducati is the brand the most expensive in this area. It is alike to brand Ferrari in the vehicle area.

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Yamaha proposes a only a good scooter (TMAX) and a sportive motorbike : R1

My favourite brand is Suzuki, I have had two models of this brand : Suzuki GSR750 and GS500F and GSXR-750 is the motorbike of my dream !

For example, if you research a road motorbike, BMW is for you or if you research a sportive, Suziki is for you !

Now it’s up to you to make your choice !

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Motorbike manifestation : one word STOP !

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On 17 April 2016, a new manifestation of bikers against the prohibition of the motorbike in the city for all motorbikes created before the year 2000 and the technical control took place in Paris in the other cities in France.

15 000 bikers attended the opening of the event in front of Vincennes castle.

I am against the prohibition of the motorbike in the city because it exists a motorbike doesn’t pollute as much as a truck or a big car. In France, since many years, the biker is considerate as the bad on  the road (speed, dangerous behavior).

Instead of reduce the price of the equipment in order to decrease the death number on your road, it prefer to set up a technical control. All biker know that a motorbike doesn’t maintain risk his life !

As I said in the title of this post : STOP policy anti-biker ! When the politician will understand that maintain highway in condition that minimize risk to users instead of install new radars? We don’t know …

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Motorbike store: The biker’s universe !

Many bikers use the different stores in order to buy their equipment. In this post, I’m going to present you the different stores located in Ile-de-France region which are, for me, the greatest.

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We are Sasie Center based in Pontault-Combault in the south of Paris. This store is one of the largest in the region. There is a lot of choice of equipment and have a stock very important. All sizes are available.

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Then, we are Horizon moto based in Saint-Ouen l’aumône in the north of Paris. It is unique because at the same place, there are 3 motorbike brands : Suzuki, Honda and Kawasaki and a store. There is a great ambiance.

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For finish, we are Westbike based in Coignières. During the sales, their price is very interesting  and concerns also the new equipment !

My favorite stores is Sasie center because it has a range of products varied and the salesperson are always good advices !

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A flying motorbike: A dream come true ?

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An flying motorbike ? You will tell me that we see  this type of motorbike only in a movie and well… Not at all ! The prototype called “hoverbike”, developed by the bristish company “Malloy Aeronautics” is real.

This flying motorbike looks like a drone, you don’t find ? It is able to carry a charge of 270 kilos and interests, more particularly, US Army in order to use it to transport of various products or as a tactical recognition vehicle .

In addition to, this appliance is a flying motorbike which would be able to belong to you because the company of this invention has decided to commercialize it in order to raise fund and follow its researches.

However, the customer will have to spend 88 000 dollars in order to obtain this great toy !  With this price, it don’t provide the laser cannons like in Star Wars ! What a disappointment !

here is a video which present this vehicle :

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Honda CB 600 F Hornet 2014: A hornet that will never leave somebody indifferent !

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2014 is the last year of presence in the Honda brochure of Hornet 600 in favour of CB 650 F. This motorbike is very fun! In fact, with a power of 102 CV, it is as powerful as a Suzuki GSR750.

But, after having tested this motorbike, I regretted the lack of power when we are low rpm.  The brake system is supple and intensity. The capacity of its reservoir is one of the best in its category with 19 liters and the position on this motorbike is very comfortable.

I think it is possible to use this machine on a track with its good behavior on the road , it would be hard competitor and it would be able to win many titles in a race endurance for example.

The design of this motorbike is alike, as its name indicates, to a hornet.

It will rest one of the Honda mythic motorbike !

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